National Legal Aid Bureau launched a project "Effective legal assistance - improving skills of of National Legal Aid Bureau employees". The implementation period expands to 12 months. The project is being fiancially supported by the European Union through the Operational Programme "Administrative Capacity". 

The main objective of the project scheme is to improve the work quality and effectiveness of the National Legal Aid Bureau. The project focuses on upgrading the skills and competencies of National Legal Aid Bureau personnel. Thus, the Bureau believes  would increase their capacity to better perform professional obligations. The project team planns to create conditions for increased work efficiency and quality of service for the direct beneficiaries. 

Within the project "Effective legal assistance - improving skills of of National Legal Aid Bureau employees",  the desk staff would go through a series of training modules according to their current professional commitments.

The project activities would improve the performance of individual units of the National Legal Aid Bureau. The project would also increase work efficiency of the administration and raise the capacity of the institution to effectively implement the Bulgarian Legal Aid Act provisions.