Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014

The implementation of Predefined project No4 "Improving Access to Legal Aid for Vulnerable Groups, via the Implementation of a Pilot Scheme for “Primary Legal Aid Hotline” and Regional Consultative Centres" began February 2013. The project is being carried out by the National Legal Aid Bureau as a governmental body responsible for management and development of the legal aid system in Republic of Bulgaria. The realization of the project is financially supported by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and is being implemented in partnership with Open Society Institute and Council of Europe.

The project aims at developing the primary legal aid provision in the country. This would be achieved through introduction of mechanisms for better protection of the rights and freedoms of the most vulnerable and marginalized populations. National Legal Aid Bureau would introduce a National legal aid hotline for provision of free-of-charge legal advice. Furthermore, under the predefined project would be established two regional Legal Aid Centrers in Vidin and Sliven. National Legal Aid Bureau would also prepare proposals for amending the legal aid legislation in the country.

The successful implementation of the above mentioned services, their validation and integration in the administrative structures will be ensured through the participation of the Advisory Council on the project. The Council is comprised ofkey leaders, representing structures that determine the development of statesmanship, legal and public life in the country.

Expected outcome of the implementation of this project scheme is the increased number of persons whose fundamental rights and interests are adequately and timely protected. As the main public authority engaged in protecting the most vulnerable and marginalized populations, NLAB is committed to continue the maintenance and development of the newly introduced services.